Pentek PCC-1 1.5×10 Phosphate Crystal Water Filter

Pentek PCC-1
  • Ideal for ice makers, food service machines, and air conditioners
  • Food-grade hexametaphosphate media limits scale and rust buildup
  • Offers flow rate of 5 GPM and resists temperatures up to 100°F

This Pentek PCC-1 phosphate filter cartridge inhibits scale and rust buildup and prevents the precipitation of dissolved rust in residential and commercial applications. It is made of sodium calcium hexametaphosphate crystal media in a polypropylene shell with a polypropylene post-filter. The nitrile butadiene rubber (Buna-N) gaskets seal the cartridge against the housing (sold separately). The filter has a maximum flow rate of 5 GPM, and operates over a temperature range of 40 to 100°F (4.4 to 37.8°C). This phosphate filter cartridge is used in various applications, including ice machines, food service equipment, and air conditioners, among others.

  • Inhibits scale and rust buildup in residential and commercial applications
  • Prevents staining caused by precipitating iron
  • Food-grade hexametaphosphate media
  • Maximum flow rate of 5 GPM
  • Temperature range of 40°F to 100°F (4.4°C to 37.8°C)