Why does my water taste so bad?

Your water may have a fishy smell or taste, it may seem bitter, or maybe it has a metallic kick. Depending the contaminant, there are several reasons for unusual tasting water. Dissolved metals, remnants of algae, or chemical compounds like hydrogen sulfide may be present in your water.

Darrington Water can analyze your issues and resolve them by adding a reverse osmosis system and other under the sink filtration.

What is the cause of the rust stains in my sink?

Rust is caused by the dissolved iron in your water. When exposed to air, the collection of iron causes staining.

Darrington Water filtration systems can help stop rust stains in your sink and tub.

I’m noticing buildup on my shower head. What is that?

Hard water is the cause of the scum or scale that builds up in sinks, showers, and appliances. Calcium and magnesium in high quantities will collect, and the resulting scale can even clog pipes.

To prevent scale buildup, consider a water softener from Darrington Water.

What changes would I expect to see if I purchased a water softener?

Water softeners have a multitude of perks that may provide comfort and save you time and money.

  • Your laundered items will last longer and they will feel softer
  • Your dishes will have noticeably fewer spots
  • Your pipes will have better pressure due to less clogging
  • Build up on showers and sinks will be greatly reduced
  • Your skin and hair will feel more moisturized due to the natural oils that remain intact with soft water
  • Hot water heaters, boilers, and other appliances run more efficiently